• Searchbar Find your assets quickly with search.
  • Labels & Ratings Assign assets to color-coded labels & 0-5 ratings.
  • Folders & Tags Create custom folders & tags to organize large collections.
  • Drives Find assets by location on disk.
  • Dates Browse assets by day, month, or year captured.
  • Gear View the camera and lens used to capture images.
Advanced Filtering
Find the perfect asset with three filter conditions:
  • Any Show all assets that are members of any collection that is selected.
  • Require Only show assets that are members of these selected collections.
  • Exclude Hide any asset that is a member of these collections.

Quickly import files from Finder with drag & drop ease.

Supported image & video formats include:

JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, PSD, DNG, CR2, CR3, ARW, NEF, uncompressed RAF, 3FR, MOV*, MP4*.

* Limited EXIF data for video.


Save .pixlpath catalogs and view thumbnail images even when the source drives are disconnected.

Ideal for managing collections of files stored across multiple drives.

A single reference catalog of five hundred images averages around 30MB.


Swipe left or right to move between assets, or press the right/left arrow keys.

Pinch to zoom for images, or use the up/down arrow keys.

Pan using two finger swipe gesture, or click and drag.

Camera capture details available for images with embedded EXIF data.

  • Import Attach a memory card and transfer your files to your device. Rename available upon import.
  • Batch Rename Select assets and apply a custom renaming pattern. Options include replacing filename, appending & prepending text, and incrementing numbers.
  • Batch Copy & Resize Select assets and copy them to a new location on disk. Resizing of images available on macOS.
Also On
iPad & iPhone
Enjoy near feature parity with the macOS version while on the go. Build reference catalogs of files "On My iPad", on external drives, or iCloud Drive. Assign labels, ratings, folder, & tags to assets. Batch rename selected files. Copy assets to new location on disk. Reimagined touch friendly menus. Save reference .pixlpath catalogs.
Feature Table
in development
not available
Feature Mac iPad iPhone
Create & open catalogs
Create & assign labels, folders, etc.
Import memory card
Batch rename
Batch copy assets
Batch resize images
Share with AirDrop
Share with Messages
Drop in files from Finder / Files
Rebuild thumbnails
Reconnect moved files
Assign labels & ratings with keyboard
Select thumbnails with keyboard
Drop assets to external apps ✓   ✓ ** ✓ **
* iOS is currently limited to dropping one asset at a time to external apps.
About The

Hi, I'm Chris. I've worked as a photographer in New York City for about twenty years.

I also spent a few years as volunteer computer science teacher at local public high schools.

Recently, I had to step away from the city and my career to become a full-time caregiver for my mom.

With my shooting schedule suddenly cleared, I refocused my energy and began building the software I wanted while on shoots.

I became disillusioned by required subscriptions, dependence on proprietary cloud services, and invasive privacy practices.

I hope you enjoy my project. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or follow along on Instagram for updates.